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Glass Micro Fibre Thimbles

Glass Micro Fibre Thimbles

Catalogue No : JL-FP-0011

Glass Micro Fibre Thimbles


Jlab Exports is leading in the Glass Microfibre thimbles are made from High purity Borosilicate glass fibres. One of its major use is in stack monitering because of its retention of 0.7micron 0.7micron its typical thickness is 2.0mm. They are completely free from binders and additives hence can be used upto a temperature of 500 deg centigrade it is used in solvent extractions when the solvent is incompatable with cellulose thimbles. 

These thimbles are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your application. They fit standard soxhlet extractors.

It is used in:

1. Soxhlet extractors.

2. Smoke stack gas monitoring.

3. Pesticide analysis.

4. Used in analysis of food stuff.

5. Determination of grease and oil in solid waste.

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