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Glass Fiber Filters

Glass Fiber Filters

Catalogue No : JL-FP-003

Glass Fiber Filters are widely applicable in many fields of laboratory use due to the exceptionally good resistance to most organic and inorganic solvents. Filter papers come in a broad range of Glass Fiber, qualitative and quantitative types for all needs. This product is widely demanded in all around nation and widely appreciated for high performance and dimensional accuracy. They allow a fast Filtration with simultaneous high particle retention and good loading capacity. The success of any Laboratory Filtration depends upon the correct choice of filter paper. Jlab Exports offers a wide range of grades to meet all of your particular Filtration needs. Glass Fiber Filters Manufacturer, Glass Fiber Filters Exporters, Glass Fiber Filters Suppliers, Glass Fiber Filters in India, Micro Fiber Filter, Micro Glass Fiber Filters, Glass Fibers, Glass Fiber Filters Exporters in India.

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